D-Va’s performing in Tokyo?

After purchasing two tickets to see D-Va live in action, Daichi began to walk around the streets, wondering what he should do while he waits for the concert coming up in just a few hours. “Can’t believe they’re going to perform in Tokyo,” Daichi said to himself as he held up the tickets. “Good thing I got these tickets. Io’s going to love this!” As he was walking, he accidentally bumped into someone, causing the tickets to fall out of his hand.

"Ah! T-The tickets…!" Daichi turned around and tried to bend over, but the gaze up at the person whom he accidentally bumped into. "O-Oh, I’m sorry…" Before he could finish, he noticed something off about the person. She definitely looked familiar. "Wait a sec… Y-You’re…" his expression soon turned into a shock.

posted 5:51pm on 12.6.2012